1969 Hyundai Mustang Is The Better Mustang

Jul 26, 2021 2 min read
1969 Hyundai Mustang Is The Better Mustang

Change my mind…

When you live in India, a 1969 Ford Mustang is the kind of car you might only see on movie screens or perhaps one time at a show where someone had the exotic vehicle on display. They’re not lucky like us in America where we have classic Mustangs just sitting in fields, rotting away because we’re going to “fix it one day” or whatever. So you have to admire the initiative of Dream Customs India because the shop took an old Hyundai Accent and turned it into a ’69 Mustang clone… sort of.
Indians really love American muscle. Don't believe us? Check this out.

I mean, if you squint really hard, take a few shots of whisky, squint harder and take a few more shots this thing looks really super close to the Mustang your friend had back in high school. Why, it just takes me back to those magical days, especially with the details like the door handle on the trunk, which was a rare factory option offered by Ford, so rare I’d be willing to bet you’ve never seen it before.

image credit: YouTube

While we’re squinting at the rear, those taillights sure do have that smooth OEM sheen to them, as does the galloping pony badge. No American would ever be able to tell this Hyundai Mustang apart from the real thing.

image credit: YouTube

Even more convincing are those red “speed stripes” or what the uniformed might calling “racing stripes” on the hood. Obviously, those aren’t made of tape but instead are some sort of paper streamers, just like Ford used to make ‘em. Same goes for the off-set pony badge on the grille, which really nails the shape and proportions everyone instantly recognizes on their own ’69 Hyundai Mustang.

image credit: YouTube

I could go on, but I think you get the idea: this Hyundai Mustang is far superior to a ’69 Ford Mustang, hands down. Now, who’s going to surprise me with one for my birthday?

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