Supercars And Muscle Cars Street Race In Beverly Hills

Jul 9, 2021 2 min read
Supercars And Muscle Cars Street Race In Beverly Hills

What’s going on in California?

As captured by YouTuber effspot on the night of July 4, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California has descended into lawlessness as supercars and high-end muscle cars engage in street races. With many exhausts which are likely pushing the notoriously restrictive laws in the state, if not outright flouting them, it’s not like a cop several blocks away couldn’t hear the ruckus. Why none are present to calm things down and hand out a few citations is something we can’t answer definitively.

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There is quite the array of flashy cars on Rodeo Drive on any given night, and this night is certainly no exception. While we see the usual Lamborghinis, McLarens, and Nissan GT-Rs, there’s also a gold chrome wrapped C8 Corvette with a huge rear wing and a glow kit. The effect is bizarre, tacky, and in your face, which we’re sure is the whole point as the driver is just begging for everyone’s attention and is getting plenty of it.

image credit: YouTube

There are also quite a few Mopar muscle cars, Mustangs, and Camaros. You even get to see a group of guys pushing a MKIII Supra through an intersection. Cars are blowing through red lights well over the speed limit as they race each other. The whole scene is pretty wild.

image credit: YouTube

It seems like for whatever set of reasons (you probably already know why) lawlessness reigns supreme in Los Angeles, or at least in certain areas. That would include Rodeo Drive, where the elite greet to show off their wares. While effspot has been able to capture all kinds of muscle car and supercar goodness in the area before, the police presence there has kept things from getting out of hand. That’s obviously no longer the case.

image credit: YouTube

Finally, toward the end of the video a single police unit rolls up on the scene. Then another one shows up. Then the city turns on the sprinklers to chase off the pedestrians filming the cars, which is part of the reason why they’re showing off.

image credit: YouTube

Sprinkled into the video is a look at effspot’s growing model car collection, a horrific crash with a car on its roof, plus the man shows off the $12,000 exhaust installed on his Mercedes, and there’s some other nonsense sprinkled in. You can skip around to find the Rodeo Drive action if that’s all you’re truly interested in.

Now, check out the video (warning: language). If you want to skip to the Rodeo Drive stuff, go to 9:08.

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