1970 Buick Wildcat Liberated From Its Owner

Jul 26, 2021 2 min read
1970 Buick Wildcat Liberated From Its Owner

Is this what they mean by wealth redistribution?

A 1970 Buick Wildcat has been stolen in Mobile County, Alabama and amazingly the owner wants his private property back. The man dropped the vehicle off at Boomer’s Automotive Interior for some nice upgrades, only someone else decided to help themselves to the entire ride. Some people think they’ve modern day Robin Hoods or something like that, which is the only somewhat legitimate explanation we can think of for stealing another person’s car.

Another car was stolen in the same part of Alabama recently. Is there a connection? Read more about it here.

Reportedly, the Buick Wildcat was stolen sometime in the early hours of July 18. Surveillance video from the shop shows two people walking along the side of the shop, crouching down like they’re being all sneaky. Unknown to them, a camera was recording their skulking.

image credit: NBC 15 News

It appears the thieves were specifically interested in the Wildcat, but there was a problem: it was blocked in by other cars parked at the shop. However, these highly-trained geniuses smashed the window of a Nissan Altima using a cement block, using a tactic refined by the Neanderthals, enabling them to roll the less-desirable car out of the way.

They had to contend with several other cars, which took them about 4 hours to move. In other words, they came with a purpose and weren’t leaving until they accomplished it or were caught. Unfortunately, the latter hasn’t happened, yet.

image credit: NBC 15 News

Once the thieves had the Buick free, they used milk jugs filled with gas to fill up the tank after realizing it was on empty. What kind of moron puts gas in a milk jug?

This news comes out after a custom 1972 Chevelle was stolen from a man’s house in the same area. Are the two classic car thefts connected? Are we dealing with a gang of genius wealth redistributionists who are taken from those who have and giving to those who don’t, namely themselves? Hopefully the cops catch these criminals before they strike again.

Source: NBC 15 News

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