Watch A 1968 Road Runner Do A Big Wheelstand

Nov 3, 2020 1 min read
Watch A 1968 Road Runner Do A Big Wheelstand

That’s better than the fake Fast & Furious one…

So many people saw the first Fast and Furious thinking that huge wheelstand at the end of the movie Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto does with the Dodge Charger was realistic. That was some fun movie magic but there was nothing real about it, something you find out if you watch the special features on the DVD. We like reality more than Hollywood, and in the real world the wheelstand this modified 1968 Plymouth Road Runner does is pretty special.

There were a few things which were great about these old Road Runners. For one, they weren’t fancy cars, but instead were pretty bare bones, which translated into a low curb weight of about 3,000 pounds. That alone gave them an advantage versus contemporaries which weighed much more.

We’re not sure what this Road Runner is running in the video, but the factory offerings for ’68 included the 383ci V8 with 335-horsepower on tap, which wasn’t too shabby, plus a 426ci Hemi V8 with 425-hp. Those who had a real need for speed of course went with the latter of the two engines. It’s possible this car has undergone an engine swap, but if not we’re going to go out on a limb here and say it has the Hemi. Whatever it’s running, the muscle car absolutely demolishes the Camaro it’s up against.

According to the guy who posted this video to YouTube, RJ Politowski, the owner and driver of the Plymouth is named Danny Rogers. We can see a tribute decal on the back window memorializing A guy named Kevin who died in 2014.

Not only does this Road Runner do a nice wheelstand, it runs the quarter mile in 9.99 seconds at 133 mph. That’s better than Dominic Toretto’s 10-second car he kept yammering about.

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