Ford Changed America For The Better

Jul 27, 2019 2 min read
Ford Changed America For The Better

Too few today remember the impact the man and his company have had.

Cars are a daily part of life for most Americans. It’s important to remember that Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company were instrumental in not only make cars affordable for the average person, but also improving their design. The video below does an excellent job of explaining just how Ford helped make the American dream come true.


It all started with the Ford Model T. While it wasn’t the automaker’s first car, it was the one that put it on the map. It was small, affordable, reliable, and durable. American families flocked to the Model T, making it wildly popular. In fact, during the 1920s, a whopping 60 percent of all cars on the planet were Model Ts.

To kick out so many cars, Henry Ford pioneered the moving assembly line. It was an efficient way to produce quality automobiles, and it forever changed not only how cars were made, but quite a few other products. For that we are still indebted to the man.

The hits just kept coming for Ford, including the highly successful Model A. Ford was the first one to mass-produce a V8 engine in the early 1930s, something that was reserved only for luxury vehicles. Of course, today it’s hard to imagine Ford or other automakers not using V8s, the engines have become so popular.

Other impactful Ford model lines include the F-Series launched after WWII, the breathtakingly beautiful Thunderbird, the muscular Mustang, and the rugged Bronco. As the times changed and consumers’ tastes shifted, Ford has been at the forefront of styling and engineering. With so many iconic vehicles, it’s no surprise Ford cars, trucks, and even SUVs are bigtime collector items today. The company has touched so many lives, not only in American but also around the world, people can’t help but have good feelings towards the brand.

Image credit: YouTube

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