Chevy Scorches Ford In 2012 Super Bowl Commercial

Jan 29, 2020 2 min read
Chevy Scorches Ford In 2012 Super Bowl Commercial

When the apocalypse is over, apparently having a 2012 Silverado will save you.

The never-ending war between Chevrolet and Ford has produced some of the most hilarious car commercials, including this gem from the 2012 Super Bowl. Everyone has joked before about what will be left after the apocalypse, and in this case it will be Chevy Silverados,  In case you forgot all about it, with the supposed Mayan prediction of the world’s end in 2012, this was a subject on everyone’s mind, so why not make a joke out of it and sell some trucks?

At the end of the commercial we see a group of men gathered with their Chevy trucks. They’re lamenting the loss of Dave, who it’s sadly announced drove a Ford, so that meant he didn’t make it. Burn.

Of course, the Silverado owners meeting at what’s probably a designated spot have Twinkies on hand, because those supposedly have a long shelf life. We can only suppose so, because most people consume them before that can be verified.

It’s true that people feel quite passionately about the truck they drive. That’s especially true if it’s the source of your livelihood, so you have a lot more than just a means of transportation riding on it. And with truck prices skyrocketing, along with the cost of all other cars, that means people have even more skin in the game, which probably makes the purchase even more emotionally loaded. In other words, Ford fans absolutely hate this commercial, and Ram owners probably aren’t too far behind them.

What’s really great about this commercial is it’s a reminder of what Chevrolet did before it got hung up on that awful “Real People, Not Actors” ad campaign nobody seems to like.

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