Grab A 2013 Honda CB500XD For $4,190

Jan 29, 2020 2 min read
Grab A 2013 Honda CB500XD For $4,190

Pass or ride this adventure-touring bike.

There’s a lot to love about this 2013 Honda CB500XD. First of all, if you’re looking for an affordable used bike, the price of $4,190 is pretty nice. For that kind of cash you can’t expect perfection and you certainly won’t get it here. But you will get a motorcycle which looks stealthy and should be both fun as well as reliable.

Grab A 2013 Honda CB500XD For $4,190

Perfect for someone who’s cut their teeth on something smaller, this Honda with its 500cc electronic fuel-injected parallel-twin is a little sporty but not too much to handle. It features a six-speed transmission and a digital display which is pretty easy to reference at a glance, so you can keep those eyes down road to watch for cars.

Some other nice features are included on this Honda, like the adjustable passenger pegs, in case you want to bring someone special along for a ride. And if the person riding on the back isn’t so special, passenger grab handles keep things from getting awkward. A PUIG windscreen provides nice cover when you hit higher speeds

To be honest, some people have a problem with calling the Honda CB500XD an adventure-touring motorcycle, even though that’s exactly how Honda positioned it in the market. Most components are shared with the CB500F and CBR500R from the same model year, the big difference is this bike wears matte black (Honda calls the color Asphalt) panels. The fork travel is an extra inch, and the seat also sits an inch higher than the other two Hondas. Does that constitute an adventure-touring model? You decide on that one.

Matching the Asphalt body panels are black mirrors and wheels, making this Honda motorcycle look appropriately sinister. A sparing amount of silver accents add a little depth to the design. This bike isn’t perfect, with some damage around the tailpipe, grab handles, engine cover, shifter rubber cover, underside of the left rider peg, and front forks. Some chips and light scratches are present on the windscreen. If you don’t mind the flaws, which aren’t huge, you could have a nice bike for the price.

To make an offer or get more details about this Honda, contact the dealer American Motorcycle Trading Company.

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