2012 Chevy Camaro Super Bowl Ad Was Genius

Jan 27, 2020 2 min read
2012 Chevy Camaro Super Bowl Ad Was Genius

This kid’s reaction is just priceless.

We’re looking back at the top Super Bowl car commercials and this one from Chevrolet is a real classic. Graduating from college is a momentous occasion, a rite of passage for many, and some families mark that with a special gift. Chevrolet used its commercial during Super Bowl XLVI to highlight the fact some families go a little smaller on these gifts than others who might splurge on a new car, and it’s hilarious.

Of course the kid is going to assume he’s getting the Chevrolet Camaro, because a mini-fridge is kind of anticlimactic. After all, a muscle car isn’t just transportation or an appliance, which is exactly what the thing he got is. It’s an attitude, a feeling of freedom and unbridled power. Anyone who’s driven a muscle car with a hard-hitting V8 knows why they’re so popular. Getting excited about someone gifting you one is only natural.

You could look at this commercial a different way, and that’s ok. The kid is an entitled college graduate who expects the world to just cough up whatever he wants because he got a diploma. With that kind of attitude, it’s easy to assume one’s parents are gifting an expensive car at graduation, and some actually do just that. It’s a real problem which seems to be especially prevalent in today’s society. Since when does getting a college degree mean you get the easy ride in life?

The fact the kid whips out his smartphone and starts updating his social media status is just priceless. Many parents can identify with that reaction, because if you don’t document an event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or elsewhere, did it actually, really happen?

Unfortunately, this commercial wasn’t enough to guarantee future sales success of the Chevy Camaro, despite being absolutely hilarious. Now trailing not only the Ford Mustang, it’s behind the Dodge Challenger in sales in the United States. Blame the fact the new generation looks too much like the previous, horrible rearward visibility, or any number of other legitimate complaints about the GM muscle car. At least the Super Bowl ad was funny.

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