Ram’s Super Bowl XLVII Commercial Is Still A Tear-Jerker

Jan 24, 2020 2 min read
Ram’s Super Bowl XLVII Commercial Is Still A Tear-Jerker

Few can live up to this glory.

With the Super Bowl coming up, it’s a great time to look at some of the best car commercials to air during the football game in years past. One of the most epic was back in 2013 When Ram Trucks ran its two-minute spot called “Farmer.” When it originally aired people were absolutely struck. After all, most Super Bowl commercials pride themselves on being at least slightly irreverent, but this one was like listening to a fiery church sermon.

Ram Trucks most definitely knew its target audience well. They have a strong respect for Paul Harvey and the late broadcaster’s devout Christian faith. Many of them work in blue collar fields, and while they might not be farmers, they have a healthy respect for the profession.

Not only does this commercial connect with people who value working the land, it highlights the rugged, utilitarian nature of Ram Trucks. Instead of just bragging about towing capacity, payload capacity, how tough the frame is, etc. like in so many other commercials, all that was behind a layer of reverence for farmers and what they mean to Americans. It’s was a brilliant strategy and certainly got people talking even during the game.

This maneuver even disarmed some pretty hardcore Chevrolet, GMC, and Ford fans. After all, how could they hate on farming, patriotism, and Paul Harvey? At the very best they could just stay silent, and at worst they could start wondering if test driving a Ram was a good idea.

Only Paul Harvey could deliver this message so poignantly. The way the American radio broadcaster spoke was unforgettably unique, both in his intonation and rhythm of speech. You know it’s him within one or two words, then he pulls you in with a captivating story about farming. This commercial was as much a tribute to Harvey, who died about four years before, as it was about farmers and trucks.

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