You Could Own This Highly Custom C4 Corvette 'Concept'

Jul 29, 2020 2 min read
You Could Own This Highly Custom C4 Corvette 'Concept'

The details on this 1989 Corvette are impressive.

In the automotive world, does any car represent the word “icon” quite as poetically as the Corvette? A huge reason Chevrolet has managed to always keep us lapping this car up is their willingness to take risks, and shake the design up. While the soon-to-be shipped out mid-engine Corvette C8 might be the most major change to the style under the badge, some longtime Corvette owners might argue that the C3 to C4 transition was far more drastic.

The C4 had a look that seemed to jump ahead a few years in development, for better or for worse. Regardless, it offered a different approach to the Corvette. Within the generation, it seems more special models/editions, and builds that private shops have taken upon themselves. This car represents both the spirit of the generation, and the special model C4 craze perfectly.

Image via Speed Digital LLC

Dubbed the 1989 Chevrolet Corvette “Concept" by Roman Chariot, this take on the C4 brings its own style to the table. How it earned the named “Concept” is not quite clear, but it seems to be dubbed as such by the builder, as it wasn’t a GM project, so far as anyone knows.

Image via Speed Digital LLC

This highly custom C4 was built in Cleveland, Ohio by master builder, Jerry Roman, of Roman Chariot. It sports an aggressive body kit, and the whole body is covered in an astonishing 26 coats of candy apple paint. On the inside, red inserts in leather seats carry on the continuity of the outside.

Outside of being a highly-custom Corvette C4, it only has 11,916 on the clock, which means the LT1 engine has barely been broken in. Behind the engine is a four-speed automatic transmission, and this Corvette could be mistaken for a new car! Check it out here.

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