Unleash The Fury In This Potent 1966 Chevy Nova Pro Street

Apr 8, 2020 4 min read
Unleash The Fury In This Potent 1966 Chevy Nova Pro Street

This bad-to-the-bone muscle car packs a powerful punch.

The Chevy Nova, or Chevy II, was came out swinging with a sharp new redesign for the 1966 model year. All new sheetmetal was added to the car's lower body and the hardtops were given a sleek, streamlined roofline profile. This new restyle proved to be a success because sales significantly increased as GM pumped out 165,300 Novas that year. Streetside Classics is offering up the opportunity to take home potent 1966 Chevrolet Nova Pro Street that has come a long way from its humble factory beginnings.

<img src="1966-chevy-nova.jpg" alt="A 1966 Chevrolet Nova Pro Street car up for grabs">

This '66 Nova Pro Street's finish is in great shape and is blanketed in a blue hue that is close to Chevy's highly desired factory Marina Blue. A tall cowl-induction hood secured by hood pins covers the car's powerful engine. Any stripes on the car have since been removed to give the car more of a clean-cut appearance. All sheetmetal is nice and crisp, and all bright chrome trim makes this car appear to have a larger price tag than what it does. On all four corners sit a set of period-correct 15-inch Cragar Mag wheels wrapped with rubber ready to rock the strip (165/80 front, 325/50 rear) with the back sporting Mickey Thompson radials that all fit due to the car being mini-tubbed.

Speaking of a threatening power plant, this particular Nova has been built nicely inside and out which shows when glancing at the photos provided. This Nova's beating heart comes in the form of a professionally built 383-cubic-inch stroker V8 engine, a small-block that throws down big-block power. Shifting is provided by a TH400 3-speed automatic transmission that is stout enough to deliver power through the Ford 9-inch rear end that houses 3.55 gears. Normal upgrades were installed to increase horsepower such as the addition of AFR aluminum heads, Edelbrock intake manifold, a Holley carburetor, a big aluminum radiator, an MSD ignition system, fresh wiring, and long-tube headers that exit gases through oversized mufflers.

This Nova's Pro Street chassis is in fantastic condition. The tub comes reinforced with subframe connectors and monoleaf springs use traction bars to make sure those meaty tires hook as needed. The car also comes equipped with a custom fuel cell and battery enclosure.

Open the doors to an attractive interior that was put together nicely. A 4-point roll cage was installed for safety along with other hardware. Interior features include soft Fawn upholstery complete with bench seats, a shiny dash, carbon fiber steering wheel, an external fuel pressure gauge, and aftermarket gauges housed in the middle of the dashboard. A B&M shifter can also be found inside along with line-lock on the steering wheel, and a large tachometer complete with a shift light. Even in a "race car", this one provides your favorite tunes with a AM/FM/CD stereo system that can be controlled via remote. The rest of the audio setup can be found in the trunk like a two JL amplifiers and subwoofers.

Pro Street cars are street-legal custom cars that became popular in the '80s and are usually built to mimic race cars one would find in a Pro Stock class in drag racing. Not your usual gutted out race car, a Pro Street car is normally called back-half car that is tubbed while retaining street trim. While legal on the road, Pro Street cars are ready to dominate the drag strip.

If you crave a car that can be driven to the track and throw down a few impressive passes before heading back home in that same car, then this 1966 Chevrolet Nova Pro Street may be right up your alley. The car is listed at $39,995, but feel free to contact Streetside Classics and make them an offer today.

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