These cars come with a big price tag!

Here at Motorious, we like to highlight the most affordable cars for sale on the site, or the coolest you can buy for under a certain amount, but what exists on the other end of the spectrum? Some very interesting cars. Check out the cars on Motorious with the biggest price tags.

1935 Mercedes Benz 500k Special

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Price Tag: $1,995,900

If you're a pre-war classic enthusiast, here is you halo car.In the eyes of many, the Mercedes-Benz 500/540K embodies the true forward-thinking prowess of pre-war Germany. This genuine 500K chassis car has been restored and rebodied by Franz Prahl. It's now sporting the highest quality Special Roadster coachwork on the planet. This example is absolutely stunning in every way with Concours provenance.

1963 Aston Martin DB5

This being such an early example it is one of the very few that used the David Brown four speed manual, as of chassis number 1340 they were all ZF boxes making this one of the last ten to use the original gear box. Our example is something very special being such an early car and having only had one owner from new! He bought her within three months of their initial release and forgot to tell anybody. As such he was forced to only use her in secret for the first few years of his ownership as he didn't want to give the jig up.

2017 Ford GT

Currently one of the most sought after collectibles, this 2017 Ford GT has just 927 miles and is completely off restriction. Finished in Frozen White with Lightning Blue Overtop Stripes, the entire car has been protected front to back with PPF and the unique Martini & Rossi Graphics Package was professionally installed on top of the PPF.

1939 Bentley 4.25 litre MX

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Price Tag: $991,243

Chassis B 119 MX was completed by Bentley Motors in early 1939 and despatched to Messrs. Park Ward to be bodied as a two-door Coupe, subsequently described in the March 1940 issue of Motorsport magazine. Fast forward 60 years and this fine car was chosen by two guys as the basis for an exciting project in the early 2000's. This is the closest thing to drive as an 'R' Type Continental Priced, therefore, similarly as an 'R' Type Continental in today's market.

1964 Shelby Cobra 289

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Price Tag: $925,000

Even before he started racing professionally and won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Carroll Shelby had a dream of building sports cars under his own name. In 1961, he got the news that AC Cars from England would stop production of their AC Ace model since the Bristol six-cylinder engines weren't available anymore. From this, Shelby had the idea to put V8 power in roadster, and the Shelby Cobra was born. This example is from the Shelby Registry CSX 2133-Bright Blue, it was billed to Shelby America on 5/20/63.

1994 Porsche 911 Turbo S Flachbau 3.6

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Price Tag: $875,000

This is one of the most rare and most coveted 911 models Porsche has produced for the US market to date. Porsche sent 39 units to the US, dubbed with its internal code X85 for the American markets with the Flachbau option, and another 17 cars bore the standard 964 front ends. Porsche sold ten X83 flat-nose units to Japan, and 27 of their X84 flat-nose units throughout the RoW (rest of world). That equals 76 of the Typ 964 Flachbau optioned Turbo S models for the world, a low production, which is ingredient #1 when think of cars as investment grade.

2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Price Tag: $699,950

The 458 Italia represents Ferrari's last production vehicle featuring a naturally aspirated engine. The 4.5-liter V8 produces 562-horsepower and nearly 400 lb-ft of torque, allowing this Italian Stallion to gallop to 62 MPH in a blistering 3.4 Seconds. To offset the pace of this Stallion, the Carbon Ceramic Brakes allow a stopping distance of 80 Feet from 60-0 MPH. In keeping with Ferrari tradition the body was designed by Pininfarina and the exterior styling and features were designed for aerodynamic efficiency, producing a downforce of 309 lbs at 120 mph.

1958 Lister Jaguar Sports Racer

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Price Tag: $640,000

During the 1950s, Jaguar was working hard to establish itself as a competitor in racing. After its Brown Lane Factory burned down with competition vehicles inside, Jaguar turned to Lister Motor Company to supply the body and chassis to be outfitted with Jaguar's engine and drivetrain. This is an iconic example from that partnership.

1996 Porsche GT2 R

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Price Tag: $578,500

This GT2 an exceptionally well documented, 4 owner car with an unbroken ownership chain and fantastic Competition record! The GT2 still retains is original drivetrain and rare Porsche motorsports bits and pieces from the era. Steven O'Rourke, the manager of Pink Floyd bought the car new and campaigned the car in the British GT Championship, which he proceeded to win!

1957 Bentley S1Continental Fastback by HJ Mulliner

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Price Tag: $563,801

This is a truly spectacular example of these wonderfully elegant 'slope back' Bentley Continental's - and most unusually this one sports a pair of rear wheel Spats too. The first owner exchanged his 'D' series 'R' Type Continental plus a wad of money for this, the then latest and most up to date Continental available at the time.

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