Our very own Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Puckett talks about Motorious.com, cars in general, and her automotive background during her podcast interview.

Our very own Motorious.com Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Puckett joins the Cars Yeah podcast, hosted by Mark Greene, to talk about our website, her in-depth automotive background, and of course our main obsession, cars.

“There’s no room for egos in my camp. We work together as a team and that’s how we go to the winner’s circle.” – Shirley Muldowney

That is the exact quote that Elizabeth shares with our Motorious team every so often to help us stay motivated, keep us on the right track, and put in our best everyday as we create content for this site. We love to continue bringing some of the most interesting stories along with some incredible rides for anyone in the market for one of the coolest or rarest classic cars out there.

Elizabeth's life has revolved around cars since, well, birth. She was born a gear head with some strong influence passed down from her father. Her first special vehicle was an LS1-equipped 1998 Firebird Formula that she purchased at 17 years old, and it's a car that she still owns to this day. Always loving the LS cars, she knew that was the car she needed to have.

Before she joined Motorious, Elizabeth worked as a Product Development Specialist with Mustangs Unlimited. After that, Elizabeth started writing as a freelancer in the male-dominated automotive world, and soon she made the transition into editor for online publications writing news and features for online publications.

With her father being a Top Fuel funny car driver, there's no denying the strong automotive obsession that would turn her passion for cars and driving into a full-blown career. In fact, Elizabeth also drag races and has some road racing experience under her belt.

One fact about Elizabeth is that she learned how to drive a manual transmission on a motorcycle. That's right, she learned the stick-shift life on two wheels instead of four, and she would ride in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Atlanta. Enough said.

Elizabeth shares with Mark Greene that Shirley Muldowney is a major influence on her life, and has learned a lot about working with a team from the legendary lady of drag racing. She's also taken note on being tough in times of crisis, which has pushed her to always strive to fight for her place in the industry, and lead the team and site with pride.

Learn more about Motorious and the journey Elizabeth took as a gearhead and in her career, and her answer about having any car in the world that seemed to surprise the host.

From CarsYeah.com:


“There’s no room for egos in my camp. We work together as a team and that’s how we go to the winner’s circle.” – Shirley Muldowney


During the 2008 recession Elizabeth was three month pregnant and her husband lost his contracting job.


1998 Firebird Formula LS1


“You don’t race the other driver, you don’t race the track. You race yourself.” – Elizabeth’s Father




The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein*



Email = Elizabeth@Motorious.com


Know your strengths and weaknesses and know how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

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