Five Barn Finds On The Same Day

Dec 26, 2022 2 min read
Five Barn Finds On The Same Day

A true treasure for car people everywhere.

Some of you might’ve had the opportunity to pick yourself up a bona fide barn find at some point in your lives. From old Camaros without a powertrain to practically brand new muscle cars stored and forgotten about for decades, these are some pretty wild opportunities especially for car enthusiasts. That’s exactly what this particular car guy stumbled upon while he was searching for his next project. However, there is one thing that sets his search apart from other Youtubers who document their extravagant finds.

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Overall, it has to be the quantity of vehicles that makes this adventure so spectacular. In the front of the barn you can clearly see Chevy two nova with four doors awaiting his chance to get back up and running again. Then, looking behind it and to its right, there is a 1952 Plymouth Business coupe. Both of these are pretty cool cars made for drivers who liked a little bit of style and comfort mixed in with their sports cars. Finally, the cream of the crop has to be the 1968 Chevrolet Caprice. Another four-door, this car is the perfect meeting point of iconic late 60s styling and practicality for its time.

Getting the Nova and Plymouth out of the barn and onto the trailer was an easy enough feat and the team got to see a couple of the coolest old carsWhat’s the the last in American automotive production history. Once those vehicles were settled, they got the Caprice loaded up and ready to roll, seemingly completing the trifecta. However, two more cars beckoned the names of the searchers and the chase was on even further. Overall, the find was finished with a ‘49 Plymouth Super Deluxe and a 1954 Ford Mainline, both in pretty good condition considering their respective methods of preservation.

Motorious would like to thank for providing a content on vehicles left in fields, barns, wrecking yards, swamps, and backyards are a homage to days gone by. In some cases there is value to the wreckage left in the boneyard for restoration and then in other cases it's simply the artistic value of the photography. Finding Old Cars is on a mission to give these cars a place in the modern world.

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