Learn About Dodge Chargums

Mar 5, 2021 2 min read
Learn About Dodge Chargums

These guys are making Dodge Magnums cool again…

If you’ve never heard of Dodge Chargums before, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re about to get a peek into an American muscle car subculture too few have even known exists and it’s absolutely fascinating. As the name suggests, Chargums are a combination of the Dodge Magnum and Charger. The idea is to bring together the best of both cars to make the ultimate go-fast wagon, something certain Americans to this day think is a bit of a contradiction.

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Over in Europe, performance wagons have been a thing for decades and they enjoy a strong following. We blame The Brady Bunch for making Americans believe such a thing is ridiculous. But not everyone buys into the media brainwashing which sadly was in part what doomed the Magnum. Some of these brave individuals have gone so far as to not only love and cherish their Mopar wagon but to customize it with Charger components.

image credit: YouTube

One of the most obvious modifications on Chargums is the addition of the Charger front fascia. While everyone has their own approach, most owners also add front fenders and a hood from the Charger as well. As you might imagine, this requires some cutting, shaving, and application of Bondo so everything lines up and looks like it goes together.

Certain enterprising individuals have started offering pre-fabricated Dodge Charger-style front end components which are ready to install on a Magnum without any adjustments needed. They borrow the looks of the Scat Pack, Hellcat, and Demon to suit a variety of preferences. The fact such an enterprise exists indicates there’s fairly strong demand for Chargum conversions.

photo credit: Facebook

Just like in other car customization groups, Chargum owners don’t usually stop just at adding a Charger front end to their Magnum. They’ll often upgrade the Mopar wagon with LED halo headlights, flared out fenders, a custom paint job, aftermarket or updated Mopar wheels, air suspensions, etc.

While Stellantis might not think bringing the Dodge Magnum back would be profitable enough, people certainly are putting the ones floating around in the market to good use.

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