Watch Classic And Modern Muscle Cars Race

Jun 26, 2021 2 min read
Watch Classic And Modern Muscle Cars Race

Let’s settle some arguments once and for all…

We live in wonderful times where there are many classic American muscle cars still in the hands of enthusiasts. Hopefully in the future they won’t all be in private collections where they’re rarely driven or sitting in museums collecting dust.

At the same time, we’re incredibly fortunate to have a booming muscle car scene right now and have had that for some time. Production horsepower figures a lot of people thought we’d never see again have been achieved and surpassed. Advanced suspension technologies, launch control, and so forth are revolutionizing the hobby in different ways.

image credit: YouTube

You probably already know where I’m going with this. There’s a division or two camps that like to duke it out on social media, on forums, etc. One thinks the old school muscle cars are always the best, that the new cars suck and maybe shouldn’t even be called muscle cars, etc. The other believes the classic models are relics of the past, cool to look at but too slow and weak to be considered performance vehicles by today’s standards.

Not everyone falls into one of those two camps (we don’t). But we’re sure you’ve seen them duking it out with much passion. That’s what we found interesting about this video of old and new muscle cars drag racing. Ok, there are some Dodge Vipers thrown in there and those aren’t muscle cars, but most of the rest are.

image credit: YouTube

The hope is this video will finally settle some arguments about what’s faster on the track. Well, we hope that but also know it probably won’t. You can argue one driver obviously has more skills, the tires on a particular car you like were crap, etc. Some people will even argue about whether it’s raining outside or not. And people will argue that the Jeep Cherokee SRT isn’t a muscle car. You just can’t please everyone.

So maybe the video won’t settle some arguments, we don’t know. But it is entertaining and interesting to watch, so check it out.

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