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Why You Should Get Your Hands Dirty With A Classic Car

You should never fear working on your old classic car – here's why it's good for the soul... When you sit in the driving seat, do you know what mechanicals you happen to have around you and how they work? Do you know how many cylinders are in your engine and whether you’re using front or rear wh...
By Gillian Carmoodie Feb 18, 2019

Lightning vs SRT-10: Which Super Truck Would You Choose?

If you ever dreamed of owning of sports car in a truck’s body, you’re in luck! A Ford F-150 Lightning and Ram SRT-10 are heading to auction. The truck market in America offers tons of variety and options, but one thing that it’s lacking is a street performance-specific truck - to find that, y...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 18, 2019

Mr JWW Reminds Us How Great The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Is

Just 1200 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale were ever made, but it never received the same fames as its successors. Mr JWW revisits this hardcore supercar When Ferrari makes a limited run halo model, the Italian firm doesn’t do it halfheartedly. The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale was the ultimate V...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 18, 2019
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Genuine Barn Find Ford Bronco Roadster With 289ci V8

Ahead of Ford's 2020 re-launch of the iconic Bronco, here is a proper barn find to get excited about Ford basked in the biblical successes of the Mustang for no less than a year before releasing yet another success story. The new project – a utilitarian 4x4 – would not only stand the test of tim...
By Max Holder Feb 18, 2019

This Datsun Will Take You Right Back to 1977

For only $6500, this 1977 Datsun 200SX S10 will transport you back to the era of flared trousers and questionable hairstyles. It’s easy to wrap automotive desires in the prophecy of a V8-powered roadtrip. Yet, when reality crashes the party, our imagery is forcibly diversified by the contents o...
By Calum Brown Jan 30, 2019

One-Off Aston Martin V8 Shooting Brake Is Pure Practical Luxury

If seeking an Aston Martin boasting extreme exclusivity with unique design and V8 power, this 1998 Shooting Brake is the purchase for you When engaged in philanthropy or hunting down underprivileged persons with a superyacht, society’s elite can often be found boasting over their car collection....
By Calum Brown Jan 23, 2019

Why Saving This 1976 MG Midget Project Makes Total Sense

The MG Midget doesn't make much sense on paper, but when behind the wheel offers more excitement than any supercar. Here's why this 1976 project belongs in your garage. In sunshine-starved Blighty, the MG B is worshipped for all the wrong reasons. Heritage and production longevity claims pride o...
By Calum Brown Jan 22, 2019

Trio Of Rare Coachbuilt Fiat 500s Head To Auction

To be auctioned without reserve at Retromobile 2019, these quirky classic city cars are all based on the Fiat 500 Once upon a time coachbuilding was a common practice amongst the well-heeled buying an automobile. Manufacturers would be responsible for the mechanical elements, but a separate coac...
By Tyler Heatley Jan 22, 2019

Big Muscle M-Code 1969 Dodge Dart GTS 440 Up for Grabs

This low-mileage M Code 440 Dart GTS is fully restored and has some beefy bored out big block power In 1968, Mr. Norm Kraus – a legacy of automotive milestones – developed the first 440 Dart GSS. As a label, this doesn't scream of importance, but when informed that this vehicle became the proto...
By Elizabeth Puckett Jan 22, 2019

Is This 1990 Ford Sierra XR4x4 Project Really Worth £3k?

Fast Fords command a hefty premium on the collector car market, but is this 1990 2.9-liter V6 Sierra XR4x4 project really worth the money? It does come with a hedge... A practical sports saloon for all seasons, Ford’s Sierra XR4x4 brought steroid-fed four-wheel drive to the man on the street. Co...
By Calum Brown Jan 21, 2019

Insanely Rare 1998 Pontiac NASCAR Pace Car Could Be Yours!

One of two 1998 Pontiac Grand Prixs modified as pace cars for the '98 NASCAR season has surfaced on the open market with a $20k price tag The majority of supercilious gearheads would mock any decision to purchase a 1998 Pontiac – there’s no howling V8 and little sign of engineered passion. How...
By Calum Brown Jan 10, 2019
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