Motorious Featured Dealer: Vanguard Motor Sales

May 31, 2022 1 min read
Motorious Featured Dealer: Vanguard Motor Sales

With a showroom located in Plymouth, MI, if you’re a car collector or enthusiast, you know the Vanguard name already. Their inventory has been featured and even discussed recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Vanguard specializes in dream cars.

Since 2004, Vanguard Motor Sales has been the nation’s premier dealership for American classics and muscle cars. They have been pioneers in online buying and selling of classic cars. The inventory is handpicked by Vanguard, and all of the homework is done for you. There’s no 3rd party or middle man to deal with when you shop for your next dream car.

Buying From Vanguard

Somewhere in the inventory of Vanguard’s online store is your dream car. Vehicles are sold to the first person who puts down a deposit on the car, and Vanguard Motor Sales sells to customers all over the world. As experts in domestic and overseas shipping and handling, Vanguard can help you get your car on the way, or you can pick it up directly from their Plymouth, MI showroom. For more help on shipping, call Tom today at 248-974-9513.

Selling Your Car

If you’re looking to make a little room in your collection, or trade something in, the dedicated buying team at Vanguard is on standby to make you an offer. The entire process is done remotely, just call Vanguard at 248-660-4953 or email us at to begin the process.

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