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Watch A $10 Million '63 Corvette Grand Sport Play In The Snow

Visitors to the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum get to see amazing cars on display, but also in action and hear them growl, even in nasty weather With one of the world's greatest collections of racing sports cars and the theme 'The Spirit of Competition', the Simeone Foundation Automotive M...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 22, 2019

This 1968 Camaro RS Is Both The Beauty And The Beast

Modern amenities, a built-up powertrain, and a finish that looks candy coated will have you drooling over this restomod first-gen We talk a lot about what is means to have a car that is considered a ‘restomod’. The once buzzy term that was slapped on virtually any classic car that got so much as...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 22, 2019

This 1979 Ford Escort MK2 RS2000 Costs £75k For Good Reason

It's beige. It has a chocolate interior. And it has been subjected to a £57k restoration. Enthusiasts call this 1979 Ford Escort MK2 RS2000 the finest example of its kind – and now it could be yours! Classic performance Fords command a hefty premium on the collector car market. Nostalgic investo...
By Calum Brown Feb 22, 2019

Race Retro Primed For Spectacular 2019 Event

Race Retro 2019 will be packed full of legendary cars, exhibits, and star drivers. It's the number 1 motorsport show in Europe If you love legendary racing cars, then you won’t want to miss Race Retro on February 22-24, 2019. To be hosted at Stoneleigh Park in the UK, the annual event is touted ...
By Motorious Staff Feb 22, 2019

Rare Burberry Edition London Taxi Up For Auction

A LTI TXII Burberry Edition only available through the 2002 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is up for auction in Los Angeles. With sightings as common as the pigeons that roam Trafalgar Square, the LTI TX model lineup has remained nearly unchanged since 1997. Aside from subtle design modifications ...
By Max Holder Feb 22, 2019

This Honda NX250 Is The Adventure Bike You've Been Looking For

This low-mileage NX250 was very sophisticated for its time, making it a great performer on or off-road. Motorcyclists know about the pains of choosing a particular breed of bike all too well. Picking between a sports or off-road bike is a tricky decision, and one that you’re going to have to liv...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 22, 2019

Watch: Tweaked Nissan Skyline R33 Churns Out 600HP For Fun

The one-off GT-ST boasts of performance figures that rival Porsche’s 918 Spyder. However, there's an ace card to play... Nissan's R33 Skyline remains the black swan of Japan's Skyline family, although there doesn’t appear to be any specific reason beyond: “it’s a bit heavy.” Chris Harris, a lea...
By Max Holder Feb 22, 2019

GMC, Mercedes And Mini Lead Upcoming Morris Leslie Auction

Morris Leslie's Feb 23 classic car auction is packed full of automotive gems. Here are our top picks from this Saturday's sale Spring is fast approaching, and so too is classic car season! Morris Leslie kick-start their 2019 auction calendar on February 23 with an eclectic selection of British, ...
By Gillian Carmoodie Feb 22, 2019
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