Willy’s Jeep Electrified Back To Life

May 6, 2021 1 min read
Willy’s Jeep Electrified Back To Life

This got a major makeover.

The Willy’s Jeep is an American icon, these tough work-horses took the front line in WW2 as the soldier’s choice of war-prepped vehicles. These bouncing battleships quickly became a symbol of American military power and pride for the soldiers that fought in the second great war. However, in modern times the stripped-down Jeeps of old have become obsolete. The obvious solution is a full restoration equipped with all of the new features that come standard with newer cars. While there may not be A/C or power windows, there is an incredible surprise under the hood.

Turning the 13-inch wheels on this metallic monster is not a traditional gas-powered engine, this thing is powered by a high-tech electric motor. This major powerhouse is supported by 5 batteries that were salvaged off of a Tesla. While many other Willy's Jeeps may be found today after having been converted into buses for privately owned transportation services in the Philippines, this is what is known as an owner vehicle. This means that the car is made for one driver and maybe a passenger if they are feeling brave.

Even though the Jeep was made for taking on tough terrain, that is not what this beast was built for. While Jeep is known for its famous four-wheel-drive system, this Jeep was converted to RWD only. This is mainly because the owner plans to only use the vehicle for daily driving in the summer. Even still this thing seems to be in its natural habitat as it rips through the icy slopes and hard turns that it was originally designed for. You can thank AI design for their incredible engineering work that was done on this vehicle and for bringing back to life a piece of American history.

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