Wichita Police Looking For Backfiring Mustang

Apr 26, 2021 2 min read
Wichita Police Looking For Backfiring Mustang

And they provided a nice blurry image of it!

Police in Wichita, Kansas are on the hunt for a Ford Mustang which backfires so much it’s generated dozens of calls to 911. Apparently, people in Wichita can’t tell the difference between a Coyote V8 backfiring and an actual gunshot, although bodycam footage included with this article unsurprisingly shows an officer making a traffic stop can differentiate between the two.

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Speaking of that bodycam video, it’s the source of the only image of the offending Mustang. Admittedly, when zoomed in the pony car is super blurry, but we think it’s an S550, but that’s definitely open for debate. We’re not exactly dealing with 4K video footage here, because the police in Wichita aren’t so richly funded.

Since the image is blurry, police have released a simple description of the Mustang: it’s charcoal-colored. We wish that were a joke and more details about the car were available, but that’s it.  According to police, the backfiring Mustang has “caused a lot of fear throughout the community.”

image credit: The Wichita Eagle

We get it, many people are tightly-wound these days and it’s understandable. With a global pandemic and subsequent economic disruption, rioting in cities all over the place, contentious politics, possible wars on the verge of breaking out, and even car theft on the rise, there’s plenty to feel stressed about.

Hopefully, the owner of the Ford Mustang isn’t trying to mimic gunfire. The owner probably gets a kick out of disturbing people with a loud exhaust, but it might be just that they like hearing the popping sounds as they drive along.

Whatever the reason for the owner of the Mustang not correcting the backfiring, police are on the hunt for the car. Exactly what will happen to it and the owner when it’s located isn’t entirely clear, but after police tried to catch up with it once and couldn’t because the driver was speeding, the outcome probably won’t be great.

Source: The Wichita Eagle

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HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CAR? Wichita Police are asking for help finding a charcoal-colored mustang with a rapidly backfiring exhaust that sounds like gunfire....
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