Two Mystery Cars Found At Bottom Of North Carolina Lake

Jun 3, 2024 2 min read
Two Mystery Cars Found At Bottom Of North Carolina Lake

Let the armchair theories begin…

Cars and water: they don’t mix well, especially when there’s a high quantity of H2O. Perhaps that’s why so many people, including us, find it fascinating when an old car is found submerged in a body of water. There’s an inherent mystery around how the vehicle ended up there and why. That’s certainly the case with two cars accidentally discovered by a fisherman in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The unnamed fisherman was in his boat on Lake Wheeler on a Sunday, likely enjoying the nice weather and hoping to catch something worthy of telling a tale or two about. Using his fishfinder sonar, he spotted something completely unexpected: a car. That’s when he dialed 911 to alert authorities.

Image credit: YouTube

Divers were able to reach the submerged car, which was near the Lake Wheeler dam and found it wasn’t alone. A second car was nearby. Authorities say it looks like both have been in the water for quite some time. The divers searched for occupants in both cars and came up empty. They were also unsuccessful in locating any tags for a quick identification of the vehicles.

As we’ve shown you in multiple videos, it’s not an easy operation extracting a car from a lake or river. It requires specialized equipment, specialized knowledge, and a lot of effort. One crew we follow on YouTube, Adventures With Purpose, is set up for these kinds of operations, but they’re on the west coast.

A lot of people are guessing about what kind of car showed up on the fishfinder screen. It’s not a clear image at all, but some see a muscle car, Corvette, even a Cadillac with big tailfins. That, along with questions of whether this is a case of insurance fraud, murder, or ditching evidence from something like a bank robbery has everyone guessing. It looks like the cars will stay underwater for now because authorities say they’re not sure when they’ll remove them, even though a tow truck was on the scene when divers made their discovery.

Source: WRAL

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