Tuned Supra Races Challenger Hellcat

Dec 9, 2022 2 min read
Tuned Supra Races Challenger Hellcat

It’s a modern performance showdown…

We’ve all been part of the argument before of American muscle versus JDM sports cars. Big powerful V8 engines going up against forced induction for cylinders and six cylinder motors to see who really puts out the most bang for buck power. Well, these two car guys decided to take a couple of the modern world's most prevalent examples from each category And put them against each other in a drag race. So who will win this battle of machines, the overpowered land yacht or the rebadged BMW?

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The vehicles in question are a latest generation Toyota Supra and a Hellcat challenger, both great cars in their own respects. While the Hellcat has been around for more than long enough to establish its dominance within the world of drag racing and figure out all of the mechanical engineering quirks that go into competing with the car, the Supra is relatively new to the performance scene. It very well could be that the Hellcat wins simply because its strength and weaknesses are more predominantly understood over its Toyota counterpart.

This actually seems to be the case with the first race, due to the Hellcats being notoriously difficult to launch. Because of this, serious racers train relentlessly and get the best tire combination possible to make sure their Hellcats don’t spin with the simple press of the gas pedal. As expected, The beautiful orange Hellcat challenger took the win and that race but how did the others go? In race number two, the super did a lot better but the drivers confidence quickly slipped away when in race three he was able to get a head before the Hellcat zipped by him at the last second. After that the two tested cars in a roll race and, as expected, pretty much chalked the BMWs initial success up to a lack of traction or failure to hook on the part of the Hellcat. Overall, these were a couple of incredible cars and the drivers genuinely seemed to have a lot of fun and learned some new lessons about their respective sports cars but for this one the win has to go to the Hellcat.

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