Chevrolet’s New Commercial Is After Your Heart

Dec 9, 2022 1 min read
Chevrolet’s New Commercial Is After Your Heart

Cars are more than just A to B machines, this ad shows that Chevy understands that.

Brands like GM, more specifically Chevrolet, have had a bit of a reputation for touching the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere since the early days of automotive production. Some of their vintage cars can be regarded as icons of American automotive history. They know this, at least you would think they have to to be able to make good use of their connection to the audience base. Well, a recent commercial aired by Chevy shows very well that the marketing team understands the real cultural significance of their cars.

The commercial starts out with a Chevy doing what it always does, having trouble starting. A woman turns the key and finagles with the controls to try to get the old car started, a very well known site for anyone who drives a carbureted engine. As she looks into the rearview mirror, she is immediately overcome with emotions as memories of her long lost husband or lover come back to her in a flood of reminiscing. We see them discussing a big change in each other‘s lives in the car and the bond they shared becomes instantly recognizable.

As time goes on, the woman takes care of the car, washing it, and working on the engine when she meets a young man in the neighborhood that she feels could use some guidance. His name was Billy, and together she taught him how to work on her classic Chevy Bel Air. Nowadays, she’s older for sure but Billy has also grown up, knocking on the glass window and removing her from her trancelike state. She always felt like Billy was her own son and as such we are treated to a beautiful image of her and Billy’s daughter interacting like a grandmother and grandchild would. Overall, this is a beautiful commercial that truly encapsulates everything that makes the Chevy brand special, unique cars that serve as the catalyst for stories told by drivers just like you and me.

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