Stolen Car Ends Up On Cleveland Airport Runway

Dec 9, 2022 2 min read
Stolen Car Ends Up On Cleveland Airport Runway

Maybe where he was going he didn’t need any roads?

A car stolen while it was idling in Fairview Park, Ohio was finally recovered with the alleged thief behind the wheel on the tarmac at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. We’ve seen plenty of stolen car chases end in crazy ways, however this is the first we’ve ever seen one conclude on an airport runway.

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In a local report, a source from the Fairview Park Police Department disclosed that everything started when an unidentified 26-year-old man jumped into a vehicle which was left unattended and idling in a parking lot on the evening of November 23.

The victim told police she had been looking for a lost pet using her car when she got out in the parking lot, leaving the engine running. That’s when the unidentified man “jumped in the car and began driving away.” As the man fled, the victim said she tried to stop the man, but was knocked to the pavement, receiving some unspecified injuries.

Naturally, the victim called police and the search was on. Sensing cops were closing in on him, the suspect crashed through a gated and got into the secured areas at the airport. He then abandoned the vehicle on the tarmac. However, officers caught up with him as he tried walking away from the scene.

Initially, the man said he was trying to reach his son and daughter who were down in Athens, Georgia. He explained that he would “do whatever it takes” to get to them. Later, he also told officers he at one point was a sheriff’s deputy.

Officers caught him literally red-handed as he had blood on him. It’s not clear if the blood was from him or someone else, but it is possible the man was injured after he crashed through the gate. When asked about the blood, the man told officers, “I was being a little stupid and rowdy.”

During the whole incident, incoming flights have to be diverted and takeoffs were delayed. We’re sure a lot of people would love to thank the suspect personally for the inconvenience.

Source: Cleveland 19 News

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