Watch A Tuned C8 Corvette Drag Race A Stock Lamborghini Huracan

Jul 21, 2020 1 min read
Watch A Tuned C8 Corvette Drag Race A Stock Lamborghini Huracan

See how this American sports car stacks up against its Italian competition.

Hennessey Performance is definitely having fun as it continues to tune the C8 Corvette, and that includes drag racing the mid-engine 'Vette against the 2020 Shelby GT500 and even a C7 Corvette. For this latest video, Hennessey lines a lightly tuned C8 up against a bone stock Lamborghini Huracánin both an off-the-line drag race and a 40-mph roll.

Video Credit: YouTube

For this test, it looks like Hennessey uses the same modified Corvette that it used for its 205-mph top speed run, and that was done with just a stainless exhaust and a nitrous oxide system. The video makes no mention of the nitrous setup, but this car does wear lightweight wheels wrapped in Hoosier race tires. While Hennessey has developed high-powered, twin turbo kits for the Huracán, this one is completely unmodified.

Compared to the maximum 495 horsepower of the stock C8 Stingray, this tuned 'Vette is pushing 510 hp marking a considerable disadvantage against the 602-hp Huracán. Though far from scientific, this video does give us a good look at how the Corvette would look in a street race with the Lamborghini. The Corvette gets an incredible – if not early – jump off the line against the Huracán, but it still takes about three quarters of the track's length for the Lamborghini to catch up. Same thing with the 40-mph roll: an early jump off the line gives the Corvette a hefty advantage, which the Lamborghini's raw power overcomes at the finish line.

So what does this video show? Yes, the timing of the two drivers is far from accurate, but this lightly tuned C8 Corvette still performs amazing next to the superior power from the Huracán. There's no doubt the new Corvette will be compared to sports cars from around the world, and we can't wait to see what Hennessey Performance might have in store for the C8's performance with a twin-turbo setup.

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