Wildest Modified C3 Corvettes

Jan 28, 2023 2 min read
Wildest Modified C3 Corvettes

What is it about C3s that inspires such strange modifications?

Car collectors seem to have a love/hate relationship with the third generation Corvette. Unless they're a special edition, they tend to avoid and/or devalue them. Personally, I think the body lines on the C3 Corvettes are fantastic - I've always had a thing for curvy cars. However, I understand the complaints about lack of power, a suspension that is less than desirable, and other valid complaints. That aside, they seem to be the favorite of people who like to take appearance modifications to the next level, with some going into ridiculous territories. Check out our picks of the craziest C3 Corvettes from the wild world of the internet.

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The longer you look at this Corvette, the harder it becomes to sort out what's going on. At this point, we're starting to wonder if it's actually a C3 or even a Corvette.

PizzaMan Dan's C3 is pretty well-known around the Corvette forums. This pepperoni wrapped 1972 Corvette isn't the worst thing we've ever seen, and it does kind of make us hungry.

Okay, this one is bad. What the builder was trying to achieve here is pretty unclear, but it would be interesting to see this in motion, just to know if it actually can be driven.

It's the hand sticking out of the 'mouth' that does it for us with this C3 dragon. While trying to find the context of this car, we were reminded of the C3 dragon from Death Race!

This wild movie car comes with a rear mounted engine and everything!

This looks like it might be a George Burris build. Love it or hate it, the body lines are exceptionally well done, this is certainly the work of a professional.

There's so much going on with this Corvette, called the "Hawaiian Hillbilly", so here's a video for the full 360-degrees, there's just no other way to present it:

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