Truck Crash Damages Classic Cars

Dec 14, 2020 1 min read
Truck Crash Damages Classic Cars

Good thing that Mustang cushioned the blow…

In the middle of the night, actually at 1:05 am, police in Oxford County, Ontario were called about a car crash at a business. When officers arrived, they found a Chevrolet Silverado had crashed into several cars, many of them classics. The truck turned out to be stolen and we know everyone is super shocked by that revelation.

It’s always frustrating to see criminals damage valuable classic cars like this. We’re hoping justice is served and the cars can be restored, but if any were all-original it’s an even bigger loss.

According to police, the driver of that stolen Chevy pickup was driving along and hit a pole, sending it careening into parked cars on the side of the road. That impact in turn sent the truck through the garage door of a local business, where the classic cars were parked.

You can see in the photo a newer Mustang cushioned the crash, sacrificing itself so the more valuable classics weren’t damaged more seriously. The little pony car is a true hero we will remember properly as it’s stripped for parts to repair Mustangs which crashed whilst leaving car meets.

Local reports didn’t specify exactly what the classic cars which were damaged are, but we’re thinking they’re not all IROC-Zs or Fieros, although one never knows these days. A total damage estimate also wasn’t released to the media, but we’re going to guess this is going to be one expensive repair bill.

As for the driver of that Silverado, they weren’t identified, but they didn’t receive any life-threatening injuries. However, first responders did have to extricate them from the pickup, which is probably why the passenger-side door is torn clean off in the photo. No charges were made by authorities when local reports came through, but we can imagine it will be a long list once that does happen.

Source: CTV News

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