Tim Kuniskis Is CEO Of Ram As Well As Dodge

Jun 12, 2023 2 min read
Tim Kuniskis Is CEO Of Ram As Well As Dodge

Do you think he’ll improve the brand?

International automaker Stellantis is shaking things up in the North American market, making Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis CEO of Ram as well. Former Ram CEO Mike Koval is being shifted over as head of Mopar North America. The move is an interesting one as both Dodge and Ram signal aggressive moves toward electrification.

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Kuniskis has been with Chrysler as it’s evolved over the past 31 years. Some view him as a loyal servant of enthusiasts while others aren’t excited about his dogged push to make electric muscle cars. It certainly seems he will push Ram in the same direction, which is perhaps why he’s been put at the head of both brands.

Ram will be launching the 155 REV all-electric pickup truck in 2024. As a rival to the Ford F-150 Lighting, a pickup that’s been lauded by the media but famously has absolutely sucked it up in towing tests, there’s plenty riding on the product launch. If Ram is able to leapfrog rival Ford in this segment, which also includes the Silverado EV, that would be at least a moral victory for Stellantis.

Many people were hoping Ram’s new small truck, the Rampage, was coming to North America. For now it’s only being offered to Brazilians. There are rumors a production facility will be opened on this continent, with Toyota entering what for the moment is a tiny market segment. But with a looming recession and rough economic waters ahead, the small truck niche could grow rapidly, so Kuniskis will have to navigate those possibilities.

For Stellantis, the Jeep, Ram, and Dodge brands are its top cash cows, in that order, so company leadership must have extreme confidence in Kuniskis’ abilities. With both brands in a huge transitionary period, Kuniskis might go down in automotive history as a hero, villain, or be kindly forgotten. Time will tell which comes to pass.

Images via Stellantis

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