Only One Day Left To Bid ON Paul Newman Volvo Wagon

Jun 12, 2023 2 min read
Only One Day Left To Bid ON Paul Newman Volvo Wagon

It has an LS2 swap…

While there are many celebrities who are known for having flashy car collections which sometimes include a few classics, not many are known for actually racing. Paul Newman was unique in this regard, and one item of proof is his 1998 Volvo V90 lovingly called “Volvette.” Up for auction through June 13, if you want to bid on this beast now’s the time to make a move.

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As you probably already know, this Swedish brick has an American heart, a Chevy LS2 V8 crate engine to be more specific. That’s enough to get your heart racing, not to mention move this Volvo wagon with vigor on the track while surprising some people. Bolted up to that is a nice four-speed automatic transmission.

However, if you’re just a huge fan of the Volvo V90, you’ll be pleased to know Newman didn’t hack this thing apart and just ditch the powertrain. No, the original engine and transmission designed and installed by the Swedes are included with the sale.

The actor was no stranger to this combination of American muscle and Swedish wagons, having dropped a Buick Grand National’s turbo V6 into a Volvo 740 and a Mustang 5.0 V8 into a Volvo 960. We can see the attraction since Volvo wagons handle surprisingly well, but people naturally assume they’re rather slow and tame.

This particular car is the third and final Volvo with an American engine swap that Paul Newman owned. However, he didn’t plan out this build, his team did it all behind his back. They presented it to him as a surprise present back in 2007. Now, a lucky person will be the new owner of this unique and rather famous Swedish wagon. If you want that person to be you, check out RM Sotheby’s High Speed: Paul Newman’s Racing Legacy online auction right now since it’s over on June 13.

Images via RM Sotheby’s

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