Notorious List: Celebrities Banned From Purchasing a Ferrari

Jun 9, 2023 1 min read
Notorious List: Celebrities Banned From Purchasing a Ferrari

This elite Italian automaker has established stringent criteria to regulate who can own its prized vehicles, with a particular focus on its most exclusive models.

It's no secret that Ferrari, world-renowned for its ultra-luxurious and high-performance cars, can afford to be selective about its clientele. This exclusivity has led to the creation of a list of celebrities who, for various reasons, have been denied the privilege of owning a Ferrari straight from the factory.

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One such example is the widely known and eccentric celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. Despite owning an extensive Ferrari collection and being a self-professed fan of the brand, Ramsay was famously denied a chance to purchase the hyper-exclusive LaFerrari Aperta. Ferrari's decision was based on the fact that Ramsay, known for his fiery temperament, could potentially harm the brand's image.

Another high-profile personality who faced a similar situation is the Canadian pop sensation, Justin Bieber. His turbulent past and negative media attention led Ferrari to deny him the opportunity to own their cars. Bieber’s reputation for reckless driving, including a high-profile incident involving a Lamborghini, is believed to have played a crucial role in Ferrari's decision.

The infamous "Deadmau5" Ferrari incident is another case worth mentioning. The renowned Canadian electronic music producer and DJ was given a cease and desist letter by Ferrari after he customized his 458 Italia, dubbed the 'Purrari,' with a Nyan Cat theme wrap. Ferrari viewed this as a defacement of their brand, leading to his ban.

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