Three Dodge Chargers Are Pulled From Barn Find

Jan 13, 2022 2 min read
Three Dodge Chargers Are Pulled From Barn Find

These cars have been through it all together and after decades of sitting, they might just be ready to touch rubber to the road once more!

Everyone who knows Dodge understands that there is just one thing that unites all owners of Mopar vehicles together, the brotherhood of muscle. These days it's mainly used as a marketing term to get fans of the brand, such as ourselves, fired up and ready to buy the next Hellcat, Demon, or SRT they throw our way, which we do. Sometimes, it can be pretty easy to forget precisely what that famous phrase means and what the Dodge brand always has and will always stand for freedom. The freedom to go anywhere and race to your heart's desires and to hold the full force of 707 horsepower at your fingertips. This is the story of three incredible Dodges who have been through hell and back to stay together.

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Each of these cars is a Dodge Charger; two of them are 1970 models, which would be an excellent find on its own. However, the final vehicle is from 1969, which is regarded as possibly the most desirable production year for the classic Chargers we know and love today. We'll admit that the "hell" that these cars have been through was not some terrible, tragic crash or theft, nor did it end in loss of life or injury. Instead, this was a slow death that crept up on the aging vehicles like an infectious parasite sucking the energy from the bones of these cars; it's called rust.

Years of sitting out in the cold, hot rain, and snow has left these old legends little more than shells of the badass rough riders that they used to be. Luckily, the cars were transferred into an indoor storage space though it doesn't seem much better than the outside. Recently, the garage has been looking down the barrel of some extensive renovations, and now these cars are back in the sun, except that they might have some driving to look forward to this time. One of the 1970 Chargers is being converted into a period-correct Dodge Daytona. This is excellent news for the cars as it means that there could be similar projects in store for all three Chargers; we'll have to wait and find out.

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