Subaru BRZ Stolen Twice In A Week

Jan 13, 2022 2 min read
Subaru BRZ Stolen Twice In A Week

It’s not just the Hellcats thieves want badly…

For some time now, we’ve been warning about how rampant car theft has become in North America and pretty much everywhere in the world at this point. However, it seems like thieves have definitely preferred or targeted certain makes and models, often hitting luxury vehicles and Mopars. That’s why news of a Subaru BRZ getting stolen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida twice in a week was pretty shocking and should as a warning to everyone.

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According to the local news report, a couple went out of town and when they returned, the Subaru BRZ which was sitting in the driveway was just gone. It looks like they live in a nice neighborhood, so they probably felt leaving the car out all that time wasn’t a big deal. However, thieves often “shop” for vehicles in nicer areas where people might not be so vigilant about locking doors. Plus, it’s where nicer, more expensive vehicles are plentiful.

The theft was caught on camera, then four days later police called to say they found the Subaru. It was just sitting in a shopping center, a tactic thieves often use to see if a vehicle is being tracked. They will steal a car, then park it somewhere for days to see if anyone shows up and takes it. After they feel there isn’t a tracker hidden somewhere, they then either transport the car or chop it.

When the thieves showed up a second time in the middle of the night, they were obviously upset the couple parked their pickup truck in front of the BRZ in an attempt to block it in. The guy who took it can be seen on the surveillance video pointing a handgun at the front door before he climbs into the car, probably out of fear the owner would come out and try to stop him. That’s the thing about letting vehicle theft and other property crimes go unchecked, they inevitably lead to more violent crimes in the future. In other words, it’s high time something is done to get this whole situation under control.

Source: Local 10

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