Thieves Turn To Stealing Economy Cars

Feb 19, 2021 2 min read
Thieves Turn To Stealing Economy Cars

Did they run out of Hellcats to steal?

Thefts of modern Dodge muscle cars has become so rampant these days that even the police are warning owners to secure their rides. Perhaps efforts to spread the word has had an unintended consequence as criminals recently swiped over $100,000 of Kias from a Matteson, Illinois dealership in a matter of minutes. Everything was caught on camera and now authorities want to bring this group to justice.

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Apparently to steal economy cars you need to use one, because this team used a stolen Honda CR-V to approach the dealership at 3:30 am on February 6, backing the Honda up to the service doors. From there they broke a window, climbed through, then found the lockbox with all the car keys.

image credit: YouTube

It took them no time to figure out which keys went to the cars they wanted in the service lot. Then the group drove off in a convoy, making it all look smooth and coordinated like they knew exactly what they were doing.

The only blip in the plan was when the group tried to use the stolen Honda to break open a gate blocking off the dealership parking lot from the road. That didn’t work, but they were able to use a snow drift to drive over the fencing, which was how they got through originally.

image credit: YouTube

Dealership manager Greg Freeman told the local news he was baffled that some of the people caught on the video look to him like they’re not even old enough to legally drive.

We’ve seen these types of heists at Dodge dealerships quite a few times in the past year. Perhaps now those dealers have wisely taken extra measures to secure keys and cars at night, so Kia dealerships might be the next target, which is a pretty crappy trade for the crooks if you ask us.

Source: CBS Chicago

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