Be on the lookout for both and spread the word!

It’s always infuriating to hear about criminals stealing someone’s prized muscle car. It’s even worse when the thieves not only steal the Dodge Charger but also a beloved service dog inside. That’s exactly what happened to Frank Gonzalez while he was fueling up at a gas station in Dekalb County, Georgia on the evening of January 24. Now he wants his dog back and needs your help spreading the word and being on the lookout.

photo credit: Fox 5 Atlanta

After pulling up to the pump at about 8:30 pm and beginning the refueling process, Gonzalez opened his trunk to get some water for his dog, Blue. Then he felt a tap on his back and he turned to find a shotgun barrel in his face.

In the surveillance video you can see the ambush take place. Four men pull up in a greenish-brown (as described by the news) Jeep Liberty at the next pump over, then three of them pile out and head straight for Gonzalez and his car. After telling him to step away, the men piled in the green Dodge Charger and took off with the dog inside.

photo credit: Fox 5 Atlanta

Gonzalez suffers from PTSD and Blue is a registered service dog who helps ease his anxiety. So, the dog isn’t just a companion but he also helps the man get through rough times every day. Without Blue Gonzalez is suffering.

photo credit: Fox 5 Atlanta

While it would be nice that Gonzalez gets his Dodge Charger back, the car is likely insured and he can get another. However, replacing Blue is a much more difficult proposition. Gonzalez is offering a reward for the return of his dog, no questions asked. If you know anything about this crime, please return the service dog to its owner or contact the authorities. Also, spread this story around so more people know what happened and can be on the lookout.

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta

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