Tesla Halts Lease Buyouts And Cancels Charger Cable Inclusion

Apr 29, 2022 1 min read
Tesla Halts Lease Buyouts And Cancels Charger Cable Inclusion

Tesla buyers aren’t happy about this.

Recently, Elon Musk has been in the news over his interest and eventual purchase of the central social media platform, Twitter. It's clear that significant changes are about to hit the world of social media, and we are looking toward a seemingly bright future as censorship continues to be reduced. However, another piece of information has Tesla fans in a bit of a bind, as owning an electric car has become even more expensive. All of this is to say that there have been some developments in how Tesla does business and loyal patrons of the brand are pretty confused. So what is this change that has everyone so worked up?

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The electric automobile pioneer has announced that it will no longer include the charging hardware with every car they sell. While it was once an extra feature that Tesla threw in with the purchase to increase interest in electric vehicles, consumers now have to pay around $400 for a charger. This may sound like a negative development at Tesla, but to others, it seems like little more than a way to cement the growing infrastructure for EVs and reduce lost profits. Gas-powered cars don't come with their own gas pump because it would cost too much money, and the infrastructure is already established, so it wouldn't seem necessary. That's essentially what Tesla is doing, even if it seems premature.

However, there is yet another change in electric vehicles, which revolves around Tesla. Unfortunately for leaders who hope to purchase their Tesla at the end of their term, Tesla has eliminated lease buyouts. This decision has been linked to the brand's adventure into the taxi industry. While it may seem like a purely profit-driven change, this may lead to furthering the process of innovation in the autonomous transportation industry. At this time, any theories about Tesla's motives are little more than speculation, so we'll just have to see where all of these developments lead.

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