Mother, 2-Year-Old Son Seriously Hurt By Dodge Challenger Thief

Apr 29, 2022 2 min read
Mother, 2-Year-Old Son Seriously Hurt By Dodge Challenger Thief

Someone needs to start getting really tough on these guys…

Thanks to the car theft wave that’s swept over the nation, innocent people are being seriously hurt. Some people might think stealing another person’s ride isn’t a big deal, but a guy driving a stolen Dodge Challenger in St. Louis recently landed a mother and her 2-year-old son in the hospital.

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Back on April 21 a Dodge Challenger was carjacked in St. Louis, triggering a APB. When officers spotted the stolen muscle car, they at first couldn’t pursue. However, the next morning an officer in north St. Louis County spotted the stolen Mopar. After radioing it in, several squad cars tried pulling the Dodge over, but the driver decided to run for it instead.

During the chase, police deployed spike strips, but they didn’t puncture the Challenger’s tires. The report doesn’t say why, but it is possible for a car to driver over spike strips without any damage being done, just like how tazers don’t always work.

After that, the Dodge Challenger sped through an intersection, hitting a Hyundai that was trying to turn left. The crash was so violent it threw the Hyundai into a utility pole, with the mother and 2-year-old son thrown clear of the vehicle.

Considering the caught fire and was engulfed in flames after crashing, their being ejected might not have been all bad. However, the mother and son were both in serious condition at a local hospital, possibly with life-threatening injuries.

As for the Dodge, it spun out after hitting the Hyundai, hitting an Oldsmobile. Fortunately, the other driver only suffered minor injuries. Then the suspect got out of the Mopar muscle car and tried taking off on foot, according to witnesses. Police caught the guy, who was of course uninjured after hitting two cars.

Police say the parties responsible for the carjacking and crash would be charged. In the meantime, they’re using this situation as a reminder to everyone to lock their doors.

Source: KSDK

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