Teens Responsible For Ohio Car Theft Spree

Mar 26, 2021 2 min read
Teens Responsible For Ohio Car Theft Spree

And they haven’t been caught yet…

Imagine finally buying your dream car, a red 2014 Chevrolet Corvette, getting it just the way you want, and then it’s stolen while at the dealership for servicing. Talk about heartbreaking! That’s exactly what happened to a couple in Delaware, Ohio back in November of 2020. What’s worse, they’re holding out hope the C7 will be recovered and so are still paying $1,000 a month for the financing and insurance.

Check out this rental C7 Corvette fleeing from police here.

Police suspect the C7 Corvette, along with two Chevrolet Tahoes which were stolen in the same night at the dealership, were taken by young teens who have been hitting dealerships in Columbus, Maryville, and London, Ohio. One of the Tahoes was immediately crashed and left by the thieves. This is far from the first time we’ve seen since the COVID-19 shutdowns began where a group of teenagers have decided stealing cars is good entertainment.

With little to do since most things are closed, including schools, quite a few teenagers and even adults have turned to stealing cars as well as street takeovers and races. They’re far from victimless crimes, even when the vehicles are stolen from dealerships.

The owner of the C7 Corvette that’s still missing is angry about the situation. “What’s going to happen to them (the thieves)? A slap on the wrist? The owner is the one stuck with the burden of everything.”

Obviously, in this situation the owner couldn’t have done more to secure their vehicle. However, this is yet another reminder that you should garage your car whenever possible, especially at night, and think of investing in some extra security measures to make it less enticing for thieves. Car theft is still sky-high in many areas, with performance vehicles and classic cars being prime targets.

While a C7 Corvette is great and all, they’re not irreplaceable. The local news report doesn’t really explore why these people don’t just collect the insurance for a legitimately stolen and still-missing vehicle, then buy another one. Since we don’t know the situation we can’t even begin to weigh in on this, but we hope there’s a resolution soon.

Source: ABC6

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