Rental Corvette Leads Police On Wild Chase

Feb 17, 2024 2 min read
Rental Corvette Leads Police On Wild Chase

If you're going to run from the cops, why not do so in a bright red sports car?

Narrated with the sounds of an overstimulated K9 officer who's ready to rip the bad guy to shreds, a video of a C7 Corvette running from the cops is quite the watch. This scenario has it all - Florida man, drug suspect, rental car, America's favorite sports car, razor thin close calls, and show casing off-road abilities we never knew the Chevy Corvette has.

This car chase is actually not the craziest one we've seen. Watch a Hellcat outrun the cops and the helicopters.

According to the original news story, "Deputies tried to make a traffic stop on Mason Avenue after members of the narcotics unit spotted the red Corvette involved in some suspicious activity." When the footage, taken in the Daytona Beach area, first starts to roll, it's almost like it's being played in slow motion. I have to admit, I was yelling at the screen that the guy on the bike could go up and knock on the window while they were stuck in traffic. After the traffic cleared, and what appeared to be a pursuit vehicle sliding over just enough for the 'Vette to squeeze through, it was a no-go for the police vehicles trying to block him in.

As the criminal comes to several traffic jams, being the congested area it is, it's easy to assume to jig is offically up and he's stuck, but that never turns out to be the case. Instead of waiting at the light and giving cops the time to catch up, he hops onto the median, and drives off like it's nothing - having several low slung cars myself, I can't tell you how much this stresses me out.

The driver ran through every redlight, drove on the wrong side of the road, even when he didn't have to, and nearly t-boned a minvan in an intersection. He eventually turned into an apartment complex and took off on foot. The cops didn't catch him, but did find a stolen handgun and drugs in the poor abused Corvette. Here's to hoping that poor K9 officer at least had another chance to chew on some bad guy that day.

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