Tail Of The Dragon-Area Carbeque Shocks Many

Dec 11, 2021 2 min read
Tail Of The Dragon-Area Carbeque Shocks Many

This inferno shoots some pretty gnarly flames…

A video posted to Facebook on October 13 shows a truck and some sort of trailer engulfed in flames. It’s quite the shocking footage to see, especially since the flames seem to be licking dangerously close to the forest on the side of the road. While some initially said this incident took place on the infamous Tail of the Dragon, Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort which posted the video clarified it was shot on U.S. Route 129 in North Carolina, only it was south of Tail of the Dragon.

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The video, which we’ve embedded for you to watch, is pretty dramatic. There’s a constant flamethrower shooting out of the side of the trailer, which we understand was a camper with full propane tanks. A few times small explosions erupt in the flaming wreckage, which firefighters start to douse by the end of the footage.

It would be odd for someone to pull a trailer through the notoriously twisting, winding Tail of the Dragon. However, it’s still disturbing to see the fire. According to Facebook users who were on scene, the pickup truck was towing a camper when it suffered some sort of mechanical fault. That’s when they say the driver went out of his way to find a pull-off, keeping the flames from the surrounding vegetation as much as possible. They then claim the driver put down the camper stands in case the truck’s brakes failed, keeping the flaming wreckage from rolling backward, making a bad situation worse.

Another Facebook user claimed to be the owner of the 2022 Jayco North Point camper, which was supposedly being towed by the driver for delivery in Walland, Tennessee. That user seemed a little perplexed that the driver decided to use U.S. Route 129 but emphasized that she feels no ill will toward him and is grateful he wasn’t hurt in the incident.

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