Flamethrower Cadillac Hearse Comes Straight From Hell

Oct 29, 2022 1 min read
Flamethrower Cadillac Hearse Comes Straight From Hell

This would be one wicked final ride…

Normally a 1983 Cadillac hearse is a pretty cool project car we’d love to tear into. That’s what makes watching this Caddie tuned by the guys at CarsandCameras so awesome. The thing shoots flames like a flamethrower and sounds extra aggressive, making it more muscle car than dead body hauler, which is hellishly perfect. This is how all hearses should be to make funerals far more exciting.

As you no doubt can tell, this Cadillac hearse isn’t exactly bone stock. They’ve done a few things to dial up performance and turn it into an absolute crazy flamethrower. What you hear in the included video is a custom straight pipe exhaust system, and my does it not churn out some beautiful music!

There are a few different ways to shoot flames from a car’s tailpipe, some of them safer than others. Thankfully, these guys go with a proven method of embedding spark plugs in the exhaust system and tuning this ride to run rich, so there’s plenty of fuel in those exhaust gases to burn for those extra-big flames. Next, we want to see them start a campfire or roast some marshmallows with this thing.

Even though this Cadillac Fleetwood is a little rough and needs some bodywork done, because the tape isn’t doing a good job holding everything together, it’s still cool. We just hope they’ve given this hearse the TLC it deserves, because it would be a shame if such a ride were to fall into complete ruin. It sounds like they have plans to use it for hauling go-karts and supplies, but they might be able to rent it out for gearheads’ funerals. After all, who wouldn’t want their final ride to be in a flame-shooting hearse?

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