Motorhomes And Campers Are Hot Theft Targets

Jul 15, 2021 2 min read
Motorhomes And Campers Are Hot Theft Targets

Another thing to worry about…

We’re old enough to remember when it was just muscle cars and supercars criminals really wanted to steal. However, these scofflaws have realized where the true money is: stealing your motorhome, camper, or camper van. Yep, the recreation vehicle parked along the side of your house is a big, fat payday for thieves.

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This probably isn’t something you want to hear, but Trackershop, a GPS vehicle tracker company based out of the UK claims it’s an exploding trend. More specifically, criminals are targeting the top-end models, which can be loaded with all kinds of amazing luxuries and cutting-edge technologies.

What makes recreation vehicles an even more tempting target for thieves is the fact they sit days and weeks without being used. Time is a thief’s best friend, so when they have plenty of it to stake out a target, break in, and swipe it, that’s just pure gold for them.

image credit: YouTube

Another benefit to stealing campers, motorhomes, and camper vans is it’s easier for criminals to cover up their tracks. Identifying markings are easily removed, especially for campers since there’s no engine with a VIN stamped on it. That means turning around and selling the stolen goods is an easier proposition.

Thanks to COVID-19, many people have opted to buy such vehicles so they can go on vacations closer to home without relying on air travel. And while the trend of theft is detailed out by Trackershop for the UK, we know these kinds of things have a way of spreading to other countries like the US and Canada.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do something to secure your RV. Of course, Trackershop is promoting using a GPS tracker, which isn’t entirely a bad idea. You could also consider storing your vehicle in a secure facility, which are available in some areas. There are other anti-theft devices such as alarms, hitch locks, and wheel locks to make your RV a less attractive target to thieves. You can also have the VIN etched into all the windows and other parts of the vehicle so it’s easier to identify later.

Source: Bdaily News

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