Supercharged Chevy Nova Pushes 750-HP

Aug 28, 2021 2 min read
Supercharged Chevy Nova Pushes 750-HP

This is just an old-school muscle car, nice and simple.

While some people rave about how great and cutting-edge the modern muscle cars like the 2020 Shelby GT500 are, others just want something old school and simple. That’s exactly what this Pro-Touring Chevy Nova is all about. There’s no touchscreen, no advanced technology anywhere. It has a big blower and a hard-hitting V8 for 750-horsepower of pure fun.

The owner of this car is Jon Henson of Currie Enterprises. Thanks to his job he has his own shop, so the guy was able to put this build together quickly. He bought it right before COVID hit the United States, so he obviously had some extra time on his hands and used it to build this awesome car. That’s way better than watching Netflix in sweatpants for hours a day and posting on social media about what a hero you are for staying home.

image credit: YouTube

This ’65 Chevy Nova has been completely transformed, even though it was in perfectly fine, most-original condition. Some might think that’s a waste, but others get the deal with putting your personal mark on a vehicle.

For the engine, the guy contact Summit Racing and found out they had a blueprint engine in stock. It’s a 6.0-liter block with Summit LS3 heads. The Roots-style supercharger is a 2.3-liter, so it displaces more than most Honda engines. Keep in mind this Nova weighs 2700 pounds. With an engine pushing 750-hp that makes for some crazy times.

Henson put some personal touches on this build. The wheels were designed and made by him, because he used to have his own wheel line. You don’t hear that every day. He has “Boosted” badges in script on the car. There’s a high-end stereo system with subs in the trunk. He even added fisheye little side mirrors.

Just because this is a fairly simple build by today’s standards doesn’t mean the interior is all stripped-down and Spartan. Henson actually had it designed after a pair of shoes he owns and it looks good, plus there’s a center console with a cupholder, adding some creature comforts to an otherwise old school muscle car.

Anyway, check out the video to see this boosted Nova in action.

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