Stolen Land Rover Drives Down Train Tracks

Jul 21, 2021 2 min read
Stolen Land Rover Drives Down Train Tracks

Anything to get away from the cops…

They say you can’t outrun a police radio, however someone in England thought that wasn’t true if they took the Land Rover Discovery they were driving on some train tracks. After an altercation with two police officers, the driver sped off, broke through a barrier, and drove the luxury SUV down the train tracks for some distance, passing a station of astounded people awaiting their train.

Meanwhile, a classic Ford Mustang stolen in London was recovered. Learn about it here.

The whole thing went down in Chesnut, Hertfordshire. A local report says the Land Rover was stolen and police had pulled it over after receiving an alert of its presence in the county. Thanks to the UK being a police state with plenty of surveillance, the authorities know things like that.

image credit: YouTube

Officers tried “talking” to the driver, but as you can see in the video that didn’t go so well. Eventually, the talk turned into screaming and the driver reverse with the male officer being pushed along by the open driver’s door, then flung against the front end of a parked vehicle. The Land Rover crashed into another car, but sustained little damage, then sped off down the street.

Upon coming to a railroad crossing, the driver decided taking a detour on the tracks would be wise. That choice seems to have paid off, because the police in their patrol vehicles couldn’t follow. It seems the Discovery made it a fair way down the tracks before it was abandoned. As a result, train delays meant plenty of inconveniences for commuters, which of course made everyone happy.

image credit: YouTube

Eventually, police removed the Land Rover from the train tracks. It thankfully wasn’t struck by a train, but there’s no word on if any damage was done to the suspension. We also want to know just how smooth of a ride it was, because this could be a great marketing opportunity for Jaguar Land Rover.

According to Hertfordshire Police, both officers involved in the traffic stop were injured, but not seriously.

Source: The Telegraph

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