Nice to see a happy ending…

According to a local report, a man went to get in his 1964 Ford Mustang one morning and it was gone. James Sandham lives in Clapham, a suburb of London, and was shocked to find the pony car had been swiped. However, after pestering police about it and hiring private investigators, the classic vehicle was finally located 72 hours later in good condition.

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As you might imagine, a classic Ford Mustang gets lots of attention in England. Unlike in the United States and Canada, they’re not very common there. Sandham said every time he’d take it out for a drive people would want to stop and talk to him about it.

photo credit: James Sandham

While Sandham immediately called police to report the theft, he also hired some private investigators to look for it. For him, the point wasn’t just to get the car back but also to show his son that people don’t get to just your things without you doing something about it.

Originally built in California, the Mustang was bought by a sheikh in Qatar and shipped there. Then it was transported to Leicester, England and used as a wedding car couples could rent. Sandham purchased it in 2018 and obviously cares a great deal about it.

photo credit: James Sandham

Car thefts in the London area, just like in North America and many other places in the world, have been on the rise since the coronavirus shutdowns began. There’s considerable debate about why this is, but there seem to be several factors driving the crime surge.

Police say most cars stolen in England are quickly shipped out of the country and sold elsewhere, a tactic we’ve seen used in North America as well. While simple, one important measure you should make is to garage your car whenever possible, especially overnight. Most car thefts happen under the cover of darkness, plus if your ride is in the garage, thieves might not even know it’s there.

Source: SW Londoner

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