Stock Ram TRX Almost Beats C8 Corvette In Head To Head Race!

Mar 16, 2021 2 min read
Stock Ram TRX Almost Beats C8 Corvette In Head To Head Race!

These are two very different vehicles.

In the halls of Hennessey Performance walks some of the craziest engineers and car nerds in the world. After having made a name for themselves decades ago with their insane Chevys, they now continue to push out some of the highest power muscle cars and trucks in the world. Branching out and touching almost any manufacturer that you can think of, Hennessey produces some incredible vehicles. Cars, trucks, and SUVs alike may be subject to the notorious Hennessey treatment and gain a few hundred horsepower in the process. Speaking of trucks, they also have a kit for one of the most powerful trucks on the road. They call it the RAM Mammoth which has a power rating of somewhere around the 1,000-horsepower range.

Watch a Hennessey-tuned C8 sprint to 205 mph here.

The Hennessey team wanted to know which was faster, a C8 Corvette with 485-horsepower or a 720 horsepower RAM TRX in straight-line speed. Unsurprisingly the results were remarkably close with the AWD Hellcat-powered TRX taking the lead at the start. As the race progresses, however, the C8 begins to catch up and eventually captures the victory by literal inches. It is insane that a four-door truck can keep up with a brand new C8 Corvette on the drag strip and the team was utterly shocked by the results.

Hennessey sells a modified version of the truck called the RAM TRX Mammoth with anywhere from 900-1000 horsepower which would leave any Corvette owner wetting their golf shorts. It also helps that both the stock version and modified version have an AWD system which allows for maximum traction and an insane jump off of the line. They say that a race is won or lost in the first 60ft and if that is true then you essentially have a truck that out-classes any performance sports, and even some super, cars out there. This is a cool truck, made even cooler by the engineers at Hennessey Performance.

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