Safari Dodge Hellcat Promises Adventure

Sep 4, 2022 2 min read
Safari Dodge Hellcat Promises Adventure

Oh this looks fun…

A designer has taken to Instagram to show off a Safari Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and it’s pretty awesome. While rock crawling slowly is a challenging and fun activity, sometimes you just want to go fast while off-roading. Doing so requires a specialized vehicle like a trophy truck or maybe the commercialized Ford Raptor, but even better would be a lifted Hellcat.

Check out this Dodge Challenger with mud tires racing around in the snow here.

To create this rendering (yes, it’s a digital drawing, not a real build, sadly) moaoun-moaoun used a 2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat as the basis. It’s been lifted for decent ground clearance, given big mud tires, fender flares to accommodate that extra rubber, beefy front skid plate, beefy D-rings up front, a slim grille guard, auxiliary lights on the front and at the roof level, and a roll cage with rooftop carrier for bringing along some outdoor toys for the adventure.

We can think of few better ways to fully enjoy 707-horsepower than rocketing down a fire road in the middle of the desert at 80+ mph, a huge trail of dust kicked up in the muscle car’s wake.

This isn’t even close to the first time someone has dreamed of putting big mud tires on a muscle car. While some people have used hub extensions to comically turn their Mopar or Mustang into a somewhat capable off-roader, others have gone a step further and bolted a muscle car body onto a truck chassis, giving the vehicle 4-wheel drive as well as good ground clearance. Since this is just a rendering this obviously isn’t a real build, but it looks like the designer decided to make it look like just a lifted Challenger. We’re not sure just how practical such an approach would be in the real world, but the rendering looks like a blast.

Listed as a “creative designer at 343 Industries Studio,” moaoun-moaoun does a lot of off-roader and muscle car renderings. We hope they combine them more often in the future, because this is great.

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