Dodge Challenger Rolls Hard In Snow

Oct 23, 2023 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Rolls Hard In Snow

This isn’t how it’s done…

It takes a special kind of human to jimmy rig a way to slap 44-inch mud tires on a modern Dodge Challenger, but YouTuber Street Speed 717 is definitely up to the challenge. Let’s keep in mind this guy, who’s name is Mike, not only bought this “modern General Lee” so he can jump it eventually, but also jumped his brand new Ram TRX with disastrous results. Pretty much he’s a bad idea with legs so naturally the internet finds him supremely entertaining.

The car looks absolutely ridiculous, like when a guy put mud tires on his Mustang. This seems to be a disturbing trend. Also, they use a floor jack instead of a mallet at one point and the guy kicks his fenders to try solving fitment issues.

image credit: YouTube

To accomplish this questionable build, Mike leverages his 27 years of life experience to buy even more questionable automotive parts from China. Obviously, the guy cares greatly for his Challenger to slap such quality components on it, or maybe he’s about to learn yet another expensive lesson by doing stupid things with his cars.

Actually, Mike in a very relatable way goes on about the quality construction of his cheap Chinese auto parts he bought off Amazon “or wherever.” Yep, he’s just a regular working class stiff with 1.13 million YouTube subscribers, toiling away all day in the factory.

image credit: YouTube

The thing about this stunt is we thought for sure Mike wouldn’t break his Dodge Challenger in The Dukes of Hazzard garb until he jumped it, probably bending the frame and blowing out at least a couple of shocks. Now it seems he’s determined to trash the car in advance, maybe because he wants to get more YouTube views before he ultimately destroys the Dodge? At least it’s not a Hemi car so it’s not as big of a loss, but who just keeps wrecking vehicles to get likes online?

If you want to watch this train wreck for some entertainment, check out the video. It doesn’t get interesting until about 7 minutes in.

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