Guy Jumps His Ram TRX Into Tragedy

Dec 26, 2022 3 min read
Guy Jumps His Ram TRX Into Tragedy

Warning: graphic carnage ahead.

With 1.1 million subscribers, YouTube channel Street Speed 717 is always looking for over-the-top ways to keep viewers entertained and coming back. This time around, Mike decided to jump his new Ram TRX over a stream just to show how capable it is. As you might imagine, this episode wasn’t just entertaining but also informative since it demonstrated to readers what a complete idiot Mike is and why you shouldn’t send a street-legal truck, even the mighty TRX, off such a jump.

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image credit: YouTube

Yes, the video didn’t end well, but the truck did make the jump. I know you’re not shocked, unless you’ve bought into all the marketing about how tough the Ram TRX is, even though Mike admits he knows the truck isn’t built for such a jump.

Mike has had his TRX for about a week and he’s just itching to “put that sucker into the air.” This guy was your friend in middle school who wanted to climb a tree in his backyard and do a flip off the branch into the swimming pool far below while throwing a live M80 in midair.

image credit: YouTube

The video opens with a driver’s view of the Ram TRX speeding through a field toward the stream and it just fills us with a sense of dread for the truck. The speedometer is showing 41 mph and the guy has his thumbs hooked on the steering wheel spokes, so hopefully the truck has a steer-by-wire system or this Mike guy is an even bigger idiot than we originally thought.

image credit: YouTube

Here’s what really gets us: as Mike is preparing for the jump, he goes on about how the majority of the nearly 6,400-pound curb weight of the truck is likely up front. He gets the genius idea of loading some stuff in the bed to help even that out. When in doubt, always add more weight before jumping a vehicle, that’s what nobody with brains says. At least he only adds a couple of tires and wheels and not something completely stupid like dumbbells in boxes with towels wrapped around them.

As you’ll see in the video, that landing doesn’t look smooth, but yes it’s not the carnage you might’ve expected. You can see the whole truck twist as one front wheel impacts the ground and then the other. However, Mike takes the TRX for a victory lap by doing muddy donuts in the field. We’ll see what kinds of long-term damage the Ram has suffered, because it would be a miracle if there’s nothing wrong with it, especially in the long run.

On his channel description, Mike proudly lists out the cars he currently owns: 2019 Corvette ZR1, 1993 Volkswagen Corrado, 1997 Chevy Blazer, 2020 Chevy Duramax, C8 Corvette, and a Cub Cadet riding mower. Then the guy says he’d love to hear from car manufacturers, we’re guessing so they’d give him a vehicle, even if only for a little bit, and he can feature it on the channel. After this stunt with the TRX, we’re thinking that’s probably not going to happen, but we’ve heard GM is into flushing money down the toilet lately, so who knows?

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