Richard Hammond Sold His Motorcycle To Survive

Mar 15, 2021 2 min read
Richard Hammond Sold His Motorcycle To Survive

Most of us have been there…

In a recent interview on the Andy Jay podcast, former Top Gear host and current host of The Grand Tour Richard Hammond revealed that at one point he sold off his beloved motorcycle just to survive. Unless you’ve been born with a silver spoon in your mouth and a trust fund to catch you if you fall, you might have parted with a vehicle you loved to make ends meet. It’s a common thing, but everyone is freaking out because apparently they don’t think Richard Hammond is a real person who struggled before getting famous.

Richard Hammond is always entertaining, see why he was recently at odds with the British Authority here.

It was back in the 1990s and Hammond was a nobody living in Clitheroe, Lancashire while he worked at a local radio station. Despite what one thinks, such a position doesn’t pay six figures. With his cash running thin, he was forced to sell off an unnamed bike he owned at the time just so he could afford groceries and toilet paper. That’s rough, but a lot of us have been there, so we know the pain firsthand.

image credit: YouTube

What’s annoying is nowhere is it disclosed what kind of motorcycle he had at the time. Yes, everyone else is just enamored with a tale of a guy who’s now rich being that dirt poor, but being gearheads we want details on the bike. Most importantly, we want to know if it was so beloved that he bought a replacement later once he became rich and famous. If not, well maybe it wasn’t such a wonderful vehicle and the guy has moved on.

You have to admit, the story is pretty compelling. Now Hammond lives in an old castle in the English countryside and has plenty of motorcycles and cars, so we think it kind of worked out for him, even if mean ol’ government officials think they can tell him how to manage his collection.

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